Conflicting NGO Registration by “Partner West Africa & Volunteer West Africa”

Volunteer Partnerships for West Africa (VPWA) would like to inform volunteers, interns and our global partners that there are two organisations working in Ghana and the United Kingdom with similar names sequence and parts of our name which could lead to possible and unwelcome confusion. ‘VWA Volunteer West Africa’ is based in Ghana & “Partner West Africa” is also based in the UK. These two organizations have their names combined together in some of their communications platforms and materials (as,”Partner West Africa & Volunteer West Africa”). Both organizations registered in their respective territories in 2013

While ”Volunteer Partnerships for West Africa” registered in Ghana in 2008 is not worried about the copying of our concept and best practices by any NGO, we however strongly condemn any organization which fails to have its’ own unique identity to promote their cause.

As we have had to deal with issues of identity theft and conflict in the past, hence this statement. Although in this case no content has been cloned or copied from our website, in 2012, an organization referring to themselves as “Global Volunteers for West Africa” cloned our website content and similarly in 2013 an organization referring to themselves as “Adore Global Foundation for Humanity” cloned our website.