Volunteer Projects

VPWA offers volunteer projects for groups and individuals in Ghana. These give you the chance to contribute to one of VPWA’s valuable projects, whilst experiencing life as part of a community in Ghana.

We run a diverse range of projects, so whether you are a professional or a student, you will be able to find a volunteer project in a field that will suit your interests, experience or studies.

VPWA receives a high number of applications each month especially during the summer but we can host up to 30 volunteers at any given time. Please reserve your placement early to avoid disappointment.

We are currently looking for volunteers who can help us with the following VPWA volunteer projects.

Administration and Management

VPWA is seeking enthusiastic volunteers and interns with skills in project development, fundraising, grant writing, marketing/promotion or project monitoring and evaluation. Read More.

Volunteer Partnerships for West Africa, NGO News Africa and their partners are constantly engaged in research work and activities geared towards facilitating the creation and execution of projects and meeting specific needs of society. Volunteers are assigned a particular research study based on their competence in that field. Read More.

If you want to volunteer as a group we offer some fantastic group programs that will give you an unforgettable shared experience. These programs can be tailored to accommodate any number of people. Read More.

Project Managers at VPWA are responsible for the successful initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring, controlling and closure of a project. VPWA looks for volunteers to have a combination of skills including an ability to ask penetrating questions, detect unstated assumptions and resolve conflicts, as well as more general management skills. Read More.

VPWA is currently looking for volunteers to produce several new videos on VPWA Projects. The videos will be designed to showcase the diverse range of projects undertaken by VPWA. If it suits the volunteer, the editing of the films could be done on return to their home country. Read More.

It is important to inform, educate and inspire many people to be involved in the critical development sectors. By taking a PR and Social Media Internship or Volunteer position with us, you will be contributing to influencing society for the better while enriching yourself with an experience on critical issues on the continent. Read More.

VPWA is an NGO that relies on funding from various resources. This funding often comes in the form of grants or sponsorship with our various partners, however, funding can also come from regular fundraising activities. Read More.


Street Library

Faced with a lack of infrastructure and low secondary school attendance, Ghana’s literacy rate is estimated to be just 58%. The aim of the Street Library project is to help more children and youths, particularly those in rural areas, discover reading. Read More.

Three-In-One Program

Three-in-one volunteer opportunity working with Children. Volunteer on three projects, one location, all with children, make a triple impact even in one week! Read More.


As part of our efforts to support schools in GA West Municipality of Greater Accra Region and the Akuapim South Municipality of Ghana under our acclaimed Tech in Ghana Project, VPWA engages volunteers to offset a shortfall of teachers in the local schools. Read More.

Special Needs

The Special Needs center is a well managed educational, physical, sensory development and rehabilitation center that caters in a holistic manner for the needs of children and young adults experiencing developmental and life challenges caused by disability. Read More.

Orphanage and Chile Care Centre

VPWA has developed a Children Centre in the small rural village of Darmang Anhuntem near Accra. The goal of the centre is to improve several key outcomes for orphaned children using a multi-dimensional approach; including to empower the young people to become responsible, autonomous and functioning adults. Read More.

Information Technology

VPWA has established an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) training centre to enable us to share skills and expertise with the youth of Damang and surrounding areas. The centre helps young people with additional skills, providing a new opportunity of learning and advancing their future prospects. Read More.

Youth Development Centre

In 2012, VPWA completed construction of a Youth Development Centre in the Nsawam Adoagyiri Municipality of the Eastern Region. The centre provides various training programs across diverse fields to support the development of youth and young people in the region. The centre also serves as home to eight at-risk young people. Read More.


Ghana Medical Volunteers

VPWA offers internship opportunities in local hospitals and clinics in Ghana. Depending on your level of knowledge, experience and skill the work can range from observing doctors to offering basic assistance. Please note, without an appropriate licence, you are restricted on what you can do in a hospital or clinic. Read More.

Nutritional Care

Health Insurance Fund

This fund relies on contributions from individuals to enable VPWA to sign up Ghana’s poorest families to the government’s nationwide insurance scheme. Read More.

Poverty Alleviation


VPWA runs a small grassroots microfinance programme in the GA West Municipal area of Ghana. This programme complements the work of other initiatives run by the government and other organisations which aim to reduce both urban and rural poverty. Read More.

Africa Business Development

VPWA’s Africa Business Development project provides volunteering opportunities for professionals who would like to contribute their skills and experience to indigenous African companies. Students can also apply for internship opportunities in a wide range of business areas. Read More.

Financial Literacy

VPWA introduced this project in 2008 to help teach owners of small enterprises in GA West Municipality about simple record and bookkeeping and basic financial management. They were also taught about the importance of keeping a bank account and saving money for future use. Read more.


Human Rights

VPWA offers a limited number of internship opportunities in Human Rights. Applications are open all year round. Selected participants will work with GA West Municipal Office of the Commission responsible for Human Rights under the constitution of Ghana. Read More.

Child Sponsorship

VPWA offers the opportunity to make an enormous difference to the life of a child in Ghana. Many children in Ghana suffer from malnutrition, inadequate medical care, poor housing and have little opportunity to receive an education. Sponsoring a child makes a real difference to their lives and future. Read more.

Environment and Conservation

Green Ghana Project

The Green Ghana Volunteers Project is the ideal opportunity for short term volunteers. No skills are required and you can make a significant contribution even if you are only staying for one week. Read More.

Agricultural Projects

Farming provides the biggest area of employment in Ghana. The VPWA is seeking to empower marginalised groups by creating projects within the agricultural sector. Read more.

Construction and Development

Darmang Community Sanitation Project

Sanitation engineers are needed to work with our communities to design appropriate public toilet facilities in communities. Read More.

Waste Management

Waste Management is an important area in Ghana’s drive to achieve malaria free society. If you are a professional seeking to contribute your skills with regards to the best waste management practices, VPWA can offer you the opportunity to work with community decision makers to design appropriate facility for public use. Read More.


An ideal project for short term volunteers. No skills are required and you are able to make a significant contribution even if you are only staying for one week. Read More.

Architecture, Engineering and Planning

Several non-profit organisations, including VPWA, are engaged in construction projects in Ghana. We would welcome the technical support and skills of architects and engineers who can volunteer to help implement these projects. Read More.



NGO News Africa is an online news source that reports on the work of NGOs in Africa. It is the first news portal dedicated to showcasing the work of NGOs and is also engaged in a lot research for both donors, the NGO communities and individuals. NGO News Africa also highlights critical development topics and is a means of sharing best practices throughout the continent. Read More.

African Arts and Culture

Africa is well-known for its music and dancing. VPWA offers the opportunity to come to Ghana and learn about these wonderful traditional art forms which have been performed for centuries. Read More.

Women Empowerment

Empowering women in Africa is a key part of many of VPWA’s projects, such as those concerning Human Rights, HIV/AIDS and Micro-finance. These are all projects which help African women overcome challenges and become financially independent. Read More.

Sports and Fitness

This project engages these young people in an activity that builds their physical strength and discipline, whilst also promoting their sporting talents. It is an opportunity for our volunteers to use sports to teach children different life skills to enhance their overall human relations. Read More.