What is the exchange rate? 

The exchange rate will vary. For the latest exchange rate for your home currency visit www.xe.com.

Can I use debit card to withdraw from ATMs?

It is safe to use your VISA ATM card at ATMs in Ghana to withdraw local currency. However you are recommended not to use it for payment in shops. It is best to pay in shops with cash. When visiting an ATM, it is a good idea to bring a friend with you and travel directly from the bank back to your home to put your cash somewhere safe. You can give money for safekeeping to the Director of VPWA. When you are carrying a large amount of cash, divide it up into different amounts and keep it in different pockets so if you do get robbed you won't lose everything.

Can I change traveller's cheques?

If you have traveller's cheques you will be able to exchange them for cash at the local banks. Traveller’s cheques are a safe way to carry money with you but it can sometimes take weeks to get your money from the bank and you need to ensure that you record the cheque numbers and contact information in case you need to cancel any stolen cheques. Different brands of traveller’s cheques work better in different countries.  Consult your local financial institution about which company you should buy your cheques from.

Should I bring a credit card?

Travellers should bring a credit card for large or emergency purchases. If you've requested a pin number for your credit card, you can also use it to get cash advances at the ATM.