Arts and Culture - African dance and drumming internships

As part of VPWA's quest to promote African culture, we have introduced an internship opportunity for people who would like to come and learn traditional African dance and drumming.


Africa is well-known for its music and dancing. VPWA offers the opportunity to come to Ghana and learn about these wonderful traditional art forms which have been performed for centuries. You will learn how communities use “talking drums” to communicate both within the village and to other villages, a technique that is still in use today. You will also learn the traditional songs and dances that are performed at funerals, festivals and other ceremonies.


Dancing Lessons                    


Africans have a great sense of rhythm and interpret the drumbeats with a distinctive and fascinating dance style. 

For your dance lessons you will be placed within a traditional indigenous dancing group so that you can learn to master and enjoy that special African vibe. 

Learn about the different dancing lessons and cost involved


Drumming Lessons                     

Drum beats fill the air, happy heads, feet and bodies move to the beat - there is no escaping the importance of the drum in African society.

You can brush up your drumming skills with drumming lessons within our affiliate cultural group. 

Learn about the different drumming lessons and cost involved

Dancing and drumming lessons take place on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

As well as the fee paid to VPWA for your accommodation and meals, you will be required to make donation of 150 USD to the group - this will cover your lessons for one month.