Group Program Details

Group Program Details



Development Project Options for Groups



*Group may also suggest specific project interest not specified and we will set-up and align it to meet one of our partner community needs. Just discuss with us!


Custom Group Programs


Create your own group and get customized hands-on development work, full cultural immersion, and adventures in Ghana


•        Groups of 10 or more

•        1 to 4 week program exclusive for your group and you choose the dates

•        Pre-trip organizational support and materials

•        Help marketing the program

•        Travel arrangements (Tours)

•        Intensive onsite orientation

•        Coordination and funding of group or individual development projects

•        Group living with full room and board

•        Daily staff support and contact

•        Local adjunct lecturers on request

•        Curriculum development, and available classrooms and offices

•        Weekly adventure and cultural experiences

•        Post-program follow up from the community 


Program Overview


VPWA offers schools, businesses, and private groups customized project based programs to meet the needs of our

organization and participants.  

Sustainable and valuable development projects in our host communities serve as the foundation of every VPWA program. By joining VPWA your college, university or private group becomes an agent of positive change in the lives of volunteers and others.


In addition to your direct work on development projects your participation also serves as an economic stimulus to our host communities in the forms of: project contributions, local salaries, host residential payments and local purchases.


VPWA has contributed in excess of $100,000 directly to community projects, based on this business and development model. Additionally the VPWA set-up in Ghana has infused over $500,000 into our host communities





Balanced Experience


Consisting of experiential learning, hands-on development work and cultural immersion, every private group program challenges its participants to grow as individuals and as members of our global community. Members of your team work toward completing a group project side-by-side with our host community.


Participants need no prior experience or specific skills, only a desire to help the best they can. By the end of each program, volunteers have gained skills in development work, leadership and cross-cultural communication.



Create Your Program


VPWA works closely with faculty, administrators, group leaders, and participants throughout the program process. Create

a customized faculty led or private group program through the following process:Select Site, Program Details and Dates

Through conversations with a VPWA Program Advisor, your group leader determines the appropriate location, curriculum, development projects, housing, adventures, travel arrangements and dates.

(3-12 months before the program)

Pricing and Final Program Details

Based on the program details, VPWA provides an adjustable price quote with multiple program options. Through final selections by your group leader, VPWA provides a detailed program profile for administrative approval.

(1 week after initial discussion)


Administrative Approval


The program profile is presented for approval by your group leader.

(1-4 week duration, depending on group) Discuss with VPWA for extended stay.


Marketing and Recruitment


VPWA provides extensive marketing support to leaders and administrators: telephone support and email communication.


The leader and support organizers are responsible for utilizing the VPWA support and creating on-site publicity to recruit students.

Pre-Program Preparation

Participants prepare for the program through discussions or classes, printed pre-program materials , personalized group and through VPWA website, and conference call meetings with all participants and the VPWA Program Advisor. Our On-site staff members work closely with the community to plan and prepare the project and program experience

(1-2 months before the program)


Arrival on Site!


VPWA staff members greet volunteers and leaders at the airport for an introduction to their program site and a 1-3 day

program orientation. 

The Program


Volunteers, leaders, community members and support staff work, learn and explore together while providing significant value to our host community and program participants.


Post Program


Community members and VPWA staff follow up with volunteers and leaders to reinforce relationships, build sustainability and begin planning for the next partnership program with your group.


VPWA Staff Support


•        VPWA Executive Advisor (Projects & Placements Director) works directly with leaders and administrators throughout the entire process of program development.

•        VPWA Administrators provide additional logistical and programmatic support.

•        On-site Program Directors begin discussions and program specific support with leaders 2-12 months before your program begins.

•        A team of 2-3 VPWA staffers greet your group at the airport and work with the group throughout the program.




Group leader and at least 10 group members. Suitable for students, adults, and families




Dates are available January through December

You choose the length of your program




Fees are determined based on the programs designed for each individual group


Schedule & Cost 

 Fees include:


Airport Pick up & Drop off

 It does not include:

•    Airfare to Ghana

•    Visa

•    Vaccinations and immunizations

•    Personal insurance

•    Personal spending