Sylvia H Goodrick-Biomedical Sciences student at University College London

Post date: Oct 26, 2010 10:30:49 PM

REPORT: 1st-29th September observation placement at Amanase CHPS Clinic,         district of Suhum


Volunteer details: Sylvia H Goodrick, , Angloitalian

Volunteer for VPWA

Biomedical Sciences student at University College London,



Point of reference: Simon Borbi, Amanase Action Youth Club



During my one month placement at Amanase CHPS clinic, I had the opportunity to observe the work of a very well prepared and dedicated staff. My long term aim is to become a medical doctor and the dedication and professionalism of the Amanase Clinic staff has confirmed this ambition of mine.


I was very impressed and humbled by the amount of work that the midwife, , the nurses, carry out every day.


The clinic opens at 8 am every day, but covers emergencies, such as women in labour, 24h/7.

They run programs which are essential for the community, such as

·         Child welfare clinic:  is run once a month both at the clinic and the Amanase market, this program is essential for both mothers and babies since it involves weighting the child to make sure he/she is developing properly, basic immunization (malaria, polio, yellow fever etc), vitamin A supplements and couselling on natal brestfeeding and diet.

·         Family planning: open to everyone every day, family planning counseling advices couples on how to manage and plan their family, by providing many contraceptive methods, including contraceptive pill and female condom.

·         Antenatal clinic: an essential guide to pregnant women on how to diet while carrying the fetus, also includes HIV testing, and advice on what to expect during delivery, preparation for confinement and labor.

·         Postnatal clinic: essential information on breastfeeding is given out during these hours, women are educated on the benefits and management of breastfeeding and male partners are encouraged to support their wives during lactation.


I was also very fortunate to assist to various births: overall I can say I have learned a great deal more on labour and giving birth from Stella than I have from my textbook (although I only have attended my first year at university, so I still have a lot to learn).

I am very grateful I was given the chance to attend this clinic, and will encourage any sponsorship or donation in their favor. The work which is carried out at Amanase CHPS is essential and extremely useful for the community, which also includes 95 beneficiaries of free Health Insurance covered by VPWA in collaboration with Action Youth Club.