Volunteer Report: Jasper Mendes, Summer 2014

Post date: Feb 04, 2015 1:6:28 AM

My name is Jasper; a 21-year-old med student from Antwerp, Belgium with a new found love, voluntary work!


I joined VPWA in July 2014 for a 1-month medical program, in which I joined the Myara clinic for 2 weeks and spent 2 weeks in the hospital.


In the Myara clinic, I joined a group of nurses that concerned themselves with the wellbeing of mother and child. During this brief stay in the clinic in which we took quite al lot of trips to nearby villages do make sure the children in the smaller villages got their vaccines and vitamins necessary for their development.

The 2 weeks I spent in the hospital I was assigned to the main ward where a whole variety of patients are admitted. It is during my stay in this ward I learned the most.


The best advice I can give future volunteers is: Live the Ghanaian way of life to the fullest, they are nice, welcoming people who are always grateful if you help them and share their amazing stories with you if you let them!


Hayford and Portia, keep up the good work!!!