Volunteer Report: Lauren De Boodt, Summer 2014

Post date: Feb 04, 2015 1:5:3 AM


I'm a medical student who just finished third grade of med school in Belgium. I'm 21 years old. 

I always wanted to do voluntairy work so this was my perfect opportunity to do so.

In Ghana I worked in the hospital and in the clinic. We did soms vaccinations in Child Wellfare program, we did a lot of delivery's at the labour ward,

we had the opportunity to help clean the Buruli wounds,...

The things I learnt most of was the communication with you guys, the way you live and think is so different from Belgium.

I learnt about your faith in God, the love for each other and your country. 


My advice for future volunteers would be to travel also in weekends while you can, because Ghana is very beautiful.


Also for the medical students yet to come I would advice to do the program I did.. Which is 2 weeks in Mayera clinic and 2 weeks in the hospital.


In the clinic you see the real life of Ghana, vaccinating children in the villages was one of the most beautiful experiences I had. 


So nice to do! And in the hospital you see the more 'spectacular cases' such as the Buruli ulcers, because we don't know that in Belgium.


The combination of the 'big' work in the hospital and the 'smaller' thing to do in the clinic is great.


Thank again Hayford!! I'm very gratefull that you let me into your program!


Lots of love,


Lauren De Boodt