KMO 2009 Volunteering

Campaign KMO outreach will run for two weeks by VPWA volunteers as part of a month-long project to sensitize commnunities on Malaria and the best preventive methods as well as advocating for 'space spraying' to supress mosquito population and eradicate malaria in Africa as United States and Europe did some decades ago.

Campaign KMO which is a volunteer driven initiative will start in Ghana with Volunteers from all over the world, including professionals from all fields, students etc. Volunteers will receive a training, conducted by VPWA’s Executive Director, to facilitate cultural understanding and to teach Volunteers how to address each community i.e. community customs, habits, etc. Volunteers will then be divided into two groups (Volunteer Group A & Group B). A Volunteer Team Leader will be assigned for each group of volunteers.

Between 20th October 2009 and November 2nd 2009, Volunteer will travel through five regions of Ghana to:


    Conduct community workshops on Malaria by disseminating people-friendly statistical information on the spread of Malaria and providing  preventative measures to prevent being infected by the disease.Interact with the media and spread the awareness.


Conduct clean-up training exercises designed to show communities how to prevent and clear water stagnation which is the breeding source of mosquitoes and caused by a) uneven floor b) clogged drains c) poor gradient of gutters and drains. e) rain accumulation f)overflows g)leakages from pipes h)roof gutters chocked with leaves or silt i)misalignment of rainwater downpipes with elbow joint, resulting in blockages. j) Collected water in discarded receptacles. See




· At least age 18 (no maximum age limit);

· Good knowledge in English language

· Strong commitment to values and principles of volunteerism;

· Ability to work in a multi-cultural environment;

· Ability to adjust in difficult living conditions;

· Strong interpersonal and communication skills

. You will need to show initiative and enthusiasm to face the many hurdles and challenges that you will encounter.

. Must be fit to travel long hours in bus continuously.

Documentation Requirements:

Completed application form - required for application.                                                 

Current CV (Resume) - required for application.                                                                                                                                                  


Relevant Notice

What’s included in the Participation fees?


Travels for Outreach through Ghana(Bus)             

24/7 Emergency Support                                                                                                             

Airport Pick Up and Drop off                                                                                        

Contribution towards the KMO 2009 Outreach Project

What’s not included?

• Flights & Visa to and from Ghana

• Vaccinations (please speak to your local GP)

• Insurance (required)


The KMO Outreach team will be accommodated in Guest houses/hotels within communities in all five regions of Ghana that we shall conduct the campaigns.

Health and Safety

Ghana is one of the safest countries in Africa. In the Global Peace Index it is ranked above both the United Kingdom and the US. It is the perfect introduction for first time volunteers to Africa. It has a democratic electoral process and a stable economy. Our team in the other 5 countries is there to ensure your health and safety at all times and you'll have emergency support 24/7.


Volunteers must arrange their own flights to Accra Airport (ACC). Please be aware that you should communicate your arrival date and time to Volunteer Coordinator. The following airlines fly into Accra:


You must obtain a volunteer visa for travel to Ghana. Once you have secured your place in the project and made deposit. We will send you a letter confirming your placement for your visa application.