''AIDS, I am covered'' campaign in Sapeiman

Post date: Apr 09, 2009 12:47:45 AM

As part of VPWA activities for 2009 to intensify our various health projects to reach many communities within West Africa, an HIV/AIDS community awareness campaign sponsored by Eazytrack Ghana Limited was held in Sapeiman,  a peri urban commmunity in Greater Accra Region of Ghana.


The awareness campaign entitled ''AIDS, I am covered!'' which began at 10 am on 8th April 2009 was to stimulate the community to appreciate the the need to limit unsafe sex practices and to use Condoms at all times. Mr  Hayford Siaw, Executive Director In-Charge of Projects at VPWA in a speech, urge the community to debunked the notion that HIV/AIDS is a curse and that it affects people who might have wrong a deity. He emphasis that; AIDS is real and both men and women should be ''covered'' as they express their love through sex.


''Love is a great thing but you never know what the other partner is doing behind you, just as the man proposed to you, so will he go and propose to another woman and just as the woman accepted to make love with you so is the probability for her to give in to another man, We live in a world we can not trust too much to play with our health and each person should keep it at the back of the head'' Mr Hayford said.


The '' AIDS, I am covered'' campaign was made possible in collaboration with Community Health Assistants at Sapeiman who provided technical Assitants.