“At the beginning I did not know if the children would open up to me''... .. VPWA Volunteer share story

Post date: Apr 09, 2014 2:7:38 PM

Each week, VPWA volunteer Marianna, ventures to the Children Centre in Darmang to gather research from the children living at its centre and how it has an impact on their psychological and academic development. Through first hand observations, as well as various interviews with the children, teachers, and previous caregivers, Marianna will be able to draw conclusions about the environment and the impact the surroundings have on the children.

While at the Children Centre, Marianna incorporates her personal observations including her interaction with the children, things they say about the school, and their relationship with their caregivers. Ultimately, she will be concluding her research with a personal recommendation about the future of the children at the centre.

Each line of questioning is tailored to the interviewee, the same questions are not asked to everyone. For example, Marianna asks caregivers about the children’s families, teachers about academic performance, and the children about hobbies and favorite books.

When asked if anything surprised Marianna she said, “At the beginning I did not know if the children would open up to me. After spending time with them, I found that they treat everyone like their family. The children are very open and welcome you. However, you need to follow their pace in order to become part of their world. The children feel grateful for everything they have, they feel as though they have everything they need in their lives”.

Marianna also commented on the children’s excitement regarding learning. The children have a passion to learn more and grow in their studies. She recounts, “Everything in their life relates back to learning. When they ask for a present it is not a toy, they would like a book because they are eager to grow in their studies”.