Care takers of orphans receive food from VPWA

Post date: Dec 16, 2010 5:34:13 PM

As Christmas gets closer, there are some people who have absolutely no where to look for happiness as they wallow in poverty and neglect.  As VPWA Volunteers gears up to raise money for the construction of a Child Development centre  where orphan children in Eastern region of Ghana will be provided with shelter, education, love and care; the orphans and mostly their aged grandmothers cannot be left alone on this festive season.

On 15th December 2010, VPWA presented bags of rice to the grandmothers who are taking care of these vulnerable children so they can also have food to eat during this festive season. VPWA has shown demonstrable efforts to continue with the fight against poverty and hunger by cultivating a One acre plantain farm last month. The plantain when harvested will be supplied to families presently taking care of children under the sponsorship of VPWA.

VPWA wishes to encourage individuals who want to sponsor orphan children in Ghana to contact us on to receive the profiles of children and make selection of who to sponsor. It costs $1.50/day ($45/month) to sponsor a child under the VPWA Child Support program. Your sponsored child will receive:   School tuition paid in full, school uniforms, books and school supplies. Leftover funds will go towards food, medical care, and clothing.