Happy New Year!

Post date: Jan 02, 2012 12:16:48 AM

Supporters & Volunteers,


We thank you sincerely for sacrificing your resources to support the cause of VPWA in 2011. You made the contribution of VPWA at the grassroots possible and we are grateful. Our team went great length to achieve great milestone for the organization.


Contributing their skills to design and supervise the construction of a clinic in Amanase? Contributing their skills to design and supervise the construction of the VPWA Youth and Children Centre in Damang? Morphological data recording at Green Ghana executed successfully to warrant invitation to present paper at the Oxford University? Using sustainable construction materials to build a Moringa seed bank? Fund raising towards construction of the VPWA centre? Developing a Video pitch to warrant been invited as finalist by UN Women and MasterCard in Singapore? Taking ownership by past volunteers to return and lead the execution of specific projects? Researching on First Language Literacy, Domestic Violence and Women Shelter, Malaria in Ghana? Training of teachers in Classroom management? Winning several grants in diverse thematic areas of Human Rights, Children, Governance, and Education? Deworming almost 4000 children within two weeks? Piloting the Street Library Project? Working with special need kids? Organizing conference and sponsored by UN Habitat? Workshop on ICT? Leading the role out of VPWA Micro leasing and Micro insurance program? Renewing health insurance for over 120 people (the cripple, blind, aged and children)? Donating blood to save life in a hospital? Donating a fridge to preserve vaccination supplies in a clinic? Sponsoring children to have an access to education? Winning United Nations Volunteers Award for 2011?


These are among the many and other diverse contributions of VPWA Volunteers in 2011. Watch video highlights here http://youtu.be/2lRTvb3-5GE


We sincerely thank you all self-motivating individuals for supporting us with your funds and skills, contributing to the progress of the organization and the communities we serve.



To those that could not join us  in Ghana or support our cause, hopefully you will be able to do this in 2012.



We wish you a Prosperous New Year! 


- --

VPWA Directors