Street Library adds New Discounted Book Chest Program for Schools

Post date: Oct 18, 2013 2:18:46 PM

Friday, Oct 18, Accra, Ghana

Street Library Ghana is proud to announce new availability of its Book Chest for schools at a special 50% discounted rate.

Book Chests are collections of 150 books for children, spanning a broad variety of reading level, non-fiction topics and fiction genres. They are designed to serve as a portable library, suitable for schools and communities. The mix of carefully selected high quality books aims to develop literacy skills by nurturing a joy of reading and pursuit of knowledge.

Normally the Book Chests are available for retail to schools for GHC 600. The new initiative, however, cuts this price in half to GHC 300. The new low pricing comes on the condition that schools make the books available to children of the local community who don’t attend their school, for at least one day a week. This pricing is available now.

Interest from schools in the Book Chests is expected to be high. Schools can register their details with Street Library Ghana at