The Importance of Volunteering

Post date: Oct 10, 2011 12:51:22 AM

Sometimes we come across people who spend their free time volunteering in different organizations and charitable institutions. Sometimes too, we learn of people who volunteer in neighborhood drives; whether it's a clean-up drive; a fund raising for the community or even spending a few hours helping neighbors take care of their overwhelming chores.

The possibilities of volunteering are endless. But really, Why Is Volunteering Important? Why do people do it; and some don't? What can we get out of volunteering our time, effort and sometimes even our resources?


Volunteering not only works for those receiving help but also those who do different kinds of volunteering acts. Truth be told, when faced with the question of Why Is Volunteering Important; there are many reasons why it is beneficial to all concerned.

Firstly, when we volunteer our time for a good cause; the rewards we reap are far greater than any promotion we could get from work; or good grades we get from school.

People who volunteer can't help but feel just a little bit more positive about life. When we see the dire straits of others; we feel lucky and blessed to have a better life.

Another reason on Why Is Volunteering Important is that we imbibe in others the spirit of generosity - of giving back to others; even strangers, all the good things we have received in life. It's paying it forward as volunteers would often tell people who ask Why Is Volunteering Important to them?

Still perhaps to others, when asked Why Is Volunteering Important; we say that its importance lies in showing those who need help that the world is still a beautiful place to live in. It's validating that no matter what kind of tragedy strikes; there would always be a silver lining to every rain cloud.

Volunteering also gives hope to those who may have lost all hope to live; who may have lost their trust on humanity. We may even be instrumental in inspiring others to pick up their lives and start over; and perhaps also inspire others to volunteer their time, talent and resources.


If we want to volunteer but don't know where to start; we can always check out different organizations on the internet where they could use all the volunteer help they can get. These could be helping save animals; making the elderly feel loved and happy again; or we can simply check out our own community and see where we can help.

We don't have to start big when considering Why Is Volunteering Important and where we can share whatever we have to the less fortunate. Volunteering to help a friend; a family member; giving our time to school activities; and even simply helping someone at random are already good acts of volunteering.

There are infinite ways for us to do volunteer work; we need only be open to our surroundings and really observe what goes on around us. Before we know it, we could already be in the middle of fund raisers; or helping those struck with natural calamities rebuild their lives again. Volunteering is a positive chain that goes around making the world a happier place for everyone.

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