VPWA welcomes Madame Hannah

Post date: Jun 18, 2012 10:41:10 AM

By Adele Beasley

Volunteer Partnerships for West Africa's children's centre is one step closer to opening its doors having just welcomed Hannah Andoh as the Madame.

The Children's Centre, based in Darmang, will soon welcome 10 disadvantaged children aged between four and 14 to live and learn, with the aim of eventually housing up to 24 children from the area.

They have been carefully selected to give them a chance of stability and access to good health and education.

Madame Hannah will have a huge task on her hands; as well as looking after the children, she is also responsible for cooking and cleaning for the volunteers who live there.

As a previous employee of the Salvation International School and at Konongo Praaso-Kumasi as a cook, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience for the position.

She is very excited to welcome the children into her new home when they arrive in a few weeks. At the moment she is busying herself by looking after the volunteers that live at the centre and making sure the compound is spotless.

“I feel good and very comfortable here,” she said.

“I want to pray to God to give me patience to teach and train the children.

“I also have to encourage myself and be bold and strong.”

Hannah is well-qualified to deal with the challenges of raising children, having brought up four children of her own.

“I love children and I just want to help them.”

VPWA Executive Director Hayford Siaw said Hannah stood out as an employee because she was everything he was looking for to take on such a large task.

''Hannah seems enthusiastic and passionate about children's rights which is central to the objective of VPWA in setting up the centre,” Hayford said.

“As a mother herself, she came out as a very strong candidate with requisite experience in bringing up children over an extended period of time.''