ICT Project for Darman Anhuntem (Near Nsawam-Eastern Region)

Project Overview

This project is a three phase plan designed to help bring low-cost Information and Communications Technology (ICT) training and services to communities throughout Ghana.

Why is this project important?

Developing a model for a low cost ICT centre aimed at rural and peri-urban areas in Ghana is a necessity in helping the country develop, achieve a middle income status and meet the Millennium Development Goals.

Access to computers and the internet brings a wealth of opportunities for communities, the benefits of which have been seen in other developing countries. The VPWA would set up these ICT centres with a focus on building local ICT skills to ensure their sustainability.

The Ghanaian government has identified the development of ICTs as an important means to build national competitive advantage and is promoting a number of national strategies to support computer training across the country. However, this government initiative risks leaving some Ghanaians behind. Outside of major urban areas, ICT training remains hard to come by and there is a significant lack of low-cost IT training programs that are accessible to the less well-off. 

Whilst there are some ITC centres offering simple services (internet cafes), they do not focus much beyond simple computer use. There is an opportunity for community ICT centres proposed by VPWA to offer an innovative programme of training aimed at addressing the needs and advancing computer skills within poorer communities.

The challenge with ICT centres is to design them and the training they offer in a way that will deliver positive outcomes in terms of community development so that they can be replicated at low cost elsewhere. Because ICT is a means to improved development, and not a goal we need to ensure this project is sustainable and can be replicated elsewhere. It is therefore important that this project;

The goal of the project is to create a replicable ICT centre model which can be used throughout Ghana and West Africa.