Newsletter -November 2010

VPWA Microfinance Newsletter 2010                                            Fiscal Year 2010

What is VPWA Microfinance?

November 2010 marks the one-year anniversary of the founding of VPWA Microfinance programme. Volunteer Partnerships for West Africa (VPWA) Microfinance is a Ghanaian, volunteer-driven non-profit project that provides micro-loans and financial training to women in the region of Greater Accra.  The small loans and subsequent training provided by VPWA Microfinance help entrepreneurial women to launch or expand upon a small business and gain a regular income.  This economic activity enables women to provide for their household, send their children to school, and minimise dependence on their husbands.  VPWA Microfinance loans have fair terms and we pride ourselves on the strength of the relationships we have developed with our recipients.



What Makes VPWA Microfinance Special?

·      Indigenous Ghanaian organization.  VPWA director Hayford Siaw is from Kumasi, Ghana.


·      Volunteer driven.  Skilled volunteers from around the world work with VPWA Microfinance providing expertise and minimizing the organization’s labor costs.


·      Low interest rates. VPWA Microfinance loans have interest rates of 15-20% well below the worldwide average of 31% on a microloan.


·      Training.  Training on business practices such as bookkeeping and savings is provided to all loan recipients as well as to women’s groups in the community.




How Can You Help?

In order to meet these goals and continue to serve our current and future beneficiaries, VPWA requires additional resources, specifically financial capital.

·         Donations. All new donations will go solely to loans ensuring that the recipients reap benefits directly from your contribution.



You can donate now and share in our vision!

 After repaying their first VPWA loan...

Contact Information

Volunteer Partnerships for West Africa                                                                                Office Telephone: 233 30 293 7040

Director, Hayford Siaw                                                                                                            Mobile Telephone: 233 24 334 0112

Mailing Address: P.O. Box OF 75, Ofankor-Accra, Ghana                                                                                   Email: