Sanitary Project for Damang

Project Overview

The only sanitation block in Damang Village has collapsed. The foundations gave way causing the entire structure to fall into the pit below. The large majority of Damang residents have no toilets in their homes and therefore rely on this sanitation block on a daily basis. For the residents surrounding the collapsed block, the nearest alternative facilities are more than a twenty minute walk away. These facilities are also not be able to support the additional 1,200 people who have been forced to also use the block. VPWA is urgently looking for funding to rebuild the collapsed toilet block.

Why is the project important?

Because of the lengthy walk to the next toilet block many people continue to use the few remaining cubicles in the collapsed block, despite the block being closed and declared structurally unsafe. Presently there is a serious risk of injury or even loss of life though further collapse of the remaining toilet block.

The lack of adequate sanitation facilities within the township also poses considerable health risks to the community. There is therefore an urgent need for new facilities. 

Building needs to commence as quickly as possible.  The existing block, built in the 1990‘s, consisted of two groups of five cubicles forming separate male and female facilities. Before its collapse it has been suggested that these facilities were stretched. Any new facilities must therefore offer at least the same number of cubicles or if possible, expand the facility.                         

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