27/10/2010- Quarter finals continues

Post date: Oct 27, 2010 9:11:47 PM

There was not a spare seat in the house today for the second group of the quarter finals. The supporters were in high spirits, clapping and cheering for all the four schools competing; St Anthony’s, Mayera, Amasaman and Achaiman.

At the end of the Science round Amasaman had taken a strong lead, with St. Anthony’s hot on their heels. The second round was Maths where each team was given one minute to answer questions on Algebra, Division, converting fractions into percentages and factors. One question was particularly difficult and after giving each team an opportunity to answer the audience, in unision, declared that they had “No idea!” Still the teams did commendably, at the end of the second round St. Anthony’s was closing the gap, only one point behind Amasaman, who were still in the lead.

Once the Problem Solving round was completed the results of who would be competing next week were revealed. A valiant effort had been made by both Achiaman, with 43, and Maeyra with 44. However the clear champions today were Amasaman with 49 points and St. Anthony’s with 52.