VPWA’s Inter-School Maths and Science Quiz

Post date: Oct 26, 2010 8:8:22 PM

VPWA’s Inter-School Maths and Science Quiz

The first week of the quiz is over, and with it the first round has been completed. Over four days last week 14 local schools competed in the quiz, held in the Presbyterian Church in Amasaman. Tension and excitement were created by the presence of a smart and colourful banner, a knowledgeable panel of judge teachers, and an intense set up of the quiz teams seated at opposite tables. Many of the competing schools brought supporting students to fuel the competition. Especially of note is the St. Anthony Junior High School from New Achimota who chartered a bus to bring a large cohort of supporters. Despite the loyalty of these supporters to their schools the first round remained friendly; a really excellent testament to the characters of the young people involved as well as to the hard work of the organisers.

Here’s a day-by-day breakdown:


The first day saw the full four schools in attendance, and a great start was made by speeches from Hayford Siaw, Director of VPWA, and Mr Asiamah, Training Officer from the Ga West Education Service.

Coming in at Fourth and Third places, and so missing out on the quarter finals, were Manchie with a score of 10 (a highly respectable effort considering these students were from a lower school year than the others) and Ayikai Doblo who scored 20. Those who will be competing in the current week are Mayera, who came in Second with a score of 47; and Pokuase Methodist with an outstanding 67, by far the highest score seen throughout last week.


Tuesday was a round with only three schools. Missing out on the next round, unfortunately will be Nsakina who achieved 22 points. The group was headed up by OLAS JHS with 55, with Amasaman coming in Second place with 42.


The heavy rains the day before having postponed Wednesday’s schools until Friday, we proceed with Thursday’s competitors. Today’s brainboxes, with 51 points were from Adusa school, followed by Manhean with 33. Narrowly missing out was Kutunse with 25 points.


Returning on a brighter day than Wednesday would have been, and despite their crowd of supporters, St. Anthony’s were pipped to the post by Achiaman who scored 59.5 to St. Anthony’s 52.5. Closer still was the gap between the Third and Fourth places. Pokuase came in last with a very decent 30, just beaten by Asofan with 36. Little consolation, however, to the school as only the top two schools will continue in the competition.

Still to Come...

This week, Tuesday and Wednesday will determine which 12 students will get the opportunity to compete against each other in the semi-finals with four more schools being knocked out.