Group Volunteering

If you want to volunteer as a group we offer some fantastic group programmes. These programmes will give you an unforgettable shared experience and can be tailored to accommodate any number of people. 

Whether you are a group of college students, a sports team, a group of friends or work colleagues, we can design a bespoke programme to give you a truly original volunteering experience in Africa. 

Volunteer Partnerships for West Africa (VPWA) can also offer groups of five or more volunteers the option to custom-design their placement so that it is tailored to their goals and interests. These programmes can last a couple of weeks or several months, depending on how much time you have.High school groups

In the past we have hosted high school students on a variety of projects during summer or winter holidays. Our coordinators will arrange all aspects of the trip, from accommodation to weekend trips and will provide supervisors and 24 hour support.

College students

We have a whole host of projects that are directly relevant to undergraduate subjects and can provide a group of students with an unparalleled and unforgettable experience. Our Conservation & Environment projects (Green Ghana) are perfect for Geography, Botany, Biology, Herbal Medicine or Plant Medicine students who are looking to get some practical experience. Those pursuing English or

Media Studies will gain experience on one of our Journalism placements. Whilst, those pursuing law and human rights can complete a placement on our Human Rights, Legal & Justice project.

Our Sports projects are a great way for Sports and Sports Medicine students to gain experience of sports development. We also have placements suitable for African Drama students and Language students, not to mention a host of Medicine & Healthcare placements for training medics, physical therapists, nurses, midwives and dentists, as well as many others!

Corporate groups

Why not combine a team-building exercise with a project that will enhance your organisation’s Corporate Social Responsibility? We have a number of projects in which we can bring people together to work for the benefit of others in the developing world. In the past we have hosted professionals in our Child Care Projects where they worked in orphanages, both looking after the children and developing the project facilities. We have also hosted groups of colleagues in our Community Housing Projects, in which they have helped to build homes for indigenous people in rural communities.

Sports teams, music or arts groups

If you would like to participate in an overseas tour where you can really put your skills to good use then we have a whole host of projects where you can coach, teach or otherwise impart knowledge to enthusiastic groups of children and adults here in Africa.

Whatever your idea of volunteering abroad, we can help. Contact us or call +233 302 937040 or +233 243340112